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Prof. Allen Davis awarded $500,000 contract by MD SHA

Prof. Allen Davis awarded $500,000 contract by MD SHA

Prof. Allen P. Davis has been awarded a $500,000 contract by the Maryland State Highway Administration to study advanced technologies for improving the quality of stormwater runoff from roadways. The multi-year project will consist of transportation research and monitoring studies required to characterize highway discharges, characterize pollutants in stormwater runoff, assess the effectiveness of pre and post-construction stormwater management controls and remediation, develop environmental awareness training and literature, and to develop stormwater best management procedure design and maintenance guidelines.  


Several specific technologies to be examined include grass swales, sand filters, and underground storage. Effects of various design and management options will be examined, primarily through field scale testing and monitoring projects. Runoff flow rate measurement and management will be combined with studies of common highway pollutants, including suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, heavy metals such as copper, lead, and zinc, and high temperature. Performance will be evaluated over multiple storm events to capture effects of runoff duration and intensity, as well as treatment technology characteristics that may vary throughout different seasons.  


August 17, 2006

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